Welcome Autumn

First things first I want to welcome you to my first fashion blog and hopefully the last one too. My name is Dejan and I'm a fashion lover for a long time now and I have always wanted to open my own fashion blog and with the support of my friends and family I finally did. This will be my personal style blog and I really hope that you will like my outfits that I will be posting.
As for my outfit today, I decided to wear something simple for the start of my blog and also the start of autumn. The grey pullover is by 1982 fashion, which I have for a while now and never got the chance to wear it, thought it would be perfect for the first post. The blue shirt underneath is by Springfield, I bought it a few years back and I love it, so you will probably see more of it in my future posts. Ordinary black pants which you can buy anywhere to be honest, I forgot where i bought mine, and last but not least the shoes. One of my favourites that I own. Bought them at Deichmann a while ago and I think they're perfect for the start of autumn. 

Pullower - 1982
Shirt - Springfield
Pants - unknown
Shoes - Deichmann


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  1. Juhuuuu, jos jedan kiseljacki bloger.... odlicno

  2. Bravo, podrzavam, samo naprijed ! :)

  3. Hey!! I love the outfit, the blog's name is brilliant and the whole concept too :)
    I just started my own blog too so I related a lot to what you wrote!
    Check it out if you can -- www.itsnotjohn.wordpress.com

  4. The falling leaves just makes these photos so gorgeous! I love your Autumn style so much . It is simple with great colour combinations for a casual and cool staple. :-) http://www.bauchlefashion.com

  5. Super look!


  6. Love your look!

  7. Lovely photos! That pullover is perfect!