So it's raining again, but luckily we had two days of nice weather during which I had the time and will to take the photos for my post today.  I just love the sun and warm weather, it keeps me motivated, It keeps me doing things, like taking pictures for this blog, while it's the complete opposite during rainy days. I literally don't know what to say anymore, so I'll stop talking. Until next time ;) 

Plaid Shirt - Calliope
White shirt - Smog, New Yorker
Jeans - FSBN, New Yorker
Shoes - Deichmann


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  1. Love the look! Cool!

  2. It’s such a lovely and beautiful post! I’d like to say that I’ve been reading your blog for some time and I like your style of writing and the posts that you shares with us! Great job!

    Diana Cloudlet