Hello fashion lovers, it's that time of the month again when I find some free time and post on this blog! Last sunday my parents and I decided to take a trip and so we went to Zvornik, so I thought it would be a perfect place to take some photos. I actually expected to see snow, and take some snow pictures, because it's been snowing lately in Sarajevo,but to my surprise there wasn't any. The weather was still cold but it seemed more like spring time than winter time there. It was beautiful, and it even was a better opportunity to take some pics. It was a fun time, but the 3 hour ride was exhausting, but not exhausting as the mid-terms I had that week, let's hope I will pass at least something. Anyway, I'm wearing Fishbone (New Yorker) jeans, a really comfortable Fishbone jacket, The swater is by Angelo Litricio (C&A) and the shoes are from Deichmann.

Sweater - Angelo Litricio (C&A)
Jacker - Fishbone (New Yorker)
Jeans - Fishbone (New Yorker)
Shoes - Deichmann


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