Sounds of Christmas

It's almost that wonderful time of the year again, Christmas is coming! I always enjoyed Christmas, and how lucky am I, because I'm celebrating two, meaning short family reunion twice, a house full of guests and a lot of exhaustion, which is all worth it in the end. I actually like to watch Harry Potter movies before Christmas, I've been a huge Potter fan since I was 6 years old, and It's like a tradition for me to watch all the 8 Harry Potter movies every year, before Christmas.
I don't go to any Christmas parties, don't even know if there are any real perties near me, but I will share with you this amazing Christmas Party guide which I received by the Black Tux. Does lunch with friends and dinner with family on Christmas Eve count as a party? Because I actually used this guide for that.
Here are a few pics before I share with you the guide.

Shirt: New Yorker
Pullover: New Yorker
Sweater:  New Yorker
Jacket: New Yorker
Pantes: New yorker
Shoes: Deichmann

Shirt: New Yorker
Jacket: Zara Man
Pants: Zara Man
Shoes: Deichmann

Jacket: H&M
Shirt: New Yorker
Pants: Tom Tailor
Shoes: Bugatti

The first two outfits are all me, but the third outfit was created by the guide, I think it could even look better if I had a belt (which somehow I couldn't find) and a few other accessories, but I still like it.
And finally here's the guide:

Once again, this amazing guide is by the Black Tux and if you decide to rent a tuxedo, just use code THEBLACKTUXNYE2016 at checkout for $20 off! But you better order fast, because the code expires on Dec 22.

I also want to credit David Kraljević Photography for these amazing photos he took of me, and Hair Salon Dany for this amazing hairstyle. 


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  1. Awesome mens fashion!

  2. great casual look, nicely done. xoxo, sakura

  3. great casual look, nicely done. xoxo, sakura

  4. Love this outfit, the cardigan and shoes are amazing!
    Have a Happy New Year!!

  5. Prvi put sam ti na blogu i mogu reći da je odličan.Obožavam mušku modu i nadam se da se pratimo:)

  6. This leather Zara jacket is everything!
    Happy New Year!

  7. Digging these looks- great layering!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  8. So Stunning looks man and layering game on point. :)

  9. Some beautiful looks! Impeccable styling my friend! :)

    / Alix N,